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Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Wednesday Excerpt: Get to know our website!

From Edna Bell-Pearson's Headwinds
Attention readers and non-readers who love readers!     Are you on the hunt for a new book?    Are you part of a book club, wanting to start a book club, and in need of recommendations?     Do you love supporting authors and small presses?

Please, allow Meadowlark to be your literary hub for all genres!

Julie Stielstra's Opulence

This post is a little different than our other excerpt posts, because we thought you might enjoy a refresher on excerpts of the Meadowlark website and be reminded that we have at
least one book ready for you!

One of the coolest features of the Meadowlark website is the ability to view our entire catalog by either author or genre! Try it for yourself HERE and read about the books that land in your favorite genre. Sub-genres include, but are not limited to, mystery, children's books, YA, historical, and a wide variety of poetry sub-genres.

Carol Kapaun Ratchenski's
A Certain Kind of Forgiveness

Currently in our catalog, we have:

  • 17 poetry books
  • 8 fiction books
  • 4 general nonfiction books
  • 5 memoirs
  • 1 anthology (+ another in the works)
We are proud to say that some of these books are even award-winners!

In addition to all the juicy information about Meadowlark books, our website also features other blog posts, information about the people behind Meadowlark, manuscript and anthology submission information, Meadowlark in the News, and more you'll get to click around and discover for yourself. :-)

There's so much more to come in the future, especially with the upcoming debut of Meadowlark Poetry Press and our continuation of the Birdy Poetry Prize publications, 2021's focus on selecting/publishing nonfiction, and 2022's focus on selecting/publishing fiction. 

We've got plans, folks! And we're grateful to have you be a part of them! 

If there's anything we can do to help get a Meadowlark book in your hands, please email us at info@meadowlark-books.com

Kevin Rabas's More Than Words & companion chapbooks

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