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Sunday, August 1, 2021

Pete Stone Series Now Available for Purchase at Urban Interiors in Wichita

The office was empty, but I knew where Agnes would be so I locked up and walked down the street. I found her sitting in the lobby of the Eaton Hotel reading the morning edition of the Wichita Eagle.

-Detective Pete Stone


The Eaton Hotel, built in 1886, is a location frequented by our favorite 1930s detective, Pete Stone. Fun fact: you can still visit the Eaton today. It is home to Urban Interiors, a delightful store featuring unique gift items, local artisan products, and designer furniture. You can also purchase your very own copies of the books set in 1930s Wichita: To Leave a Shadow, Shadow of Death, and All Hallow's Shadows.  

Check out their beautiful display!

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