About Meadowlark

We live in exciting times for authors and all artists, an era of democratization of the arts. No longer will books/music/artwork be something selected by the few and passed down to the masses. The people--our readers--will choose for themselves.

For all the debate about the state of publishing today, we remain optimistic. Readers will continue to seek out quality stories and writers will have more opportunities than ever before.

Meadowlark Books is an independent publisher, born of a desire to produce high-quality books for print and electronic delivery. Our goal is to create a network and system of support for today's independent authors. Our service will be professional book design services, ensuring that the stories we love and believe in will be presented in a manner that enhances rather than detracts from an author's work.

We look forward to developing a collection of books that focus on a Midwest regional appeal, via author and/or topic. We are open to working with authors of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and mixed media.

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