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A Certain Kind of Forgiveness, Carol Kapaun Ratchenski *2019 Birdy Poetry Prize 
Blue Collar Saint, by Brenda White
Cutting Teeth, by Ivan Hobson
Driving Together, Tyler Robert Sheldon
Everlasting, by Arlice W. Davenport *2021
How Time Moves: New and Selected Poems, by Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg
Kansas Poems, by Brian Daldorph *2020 Birdy Finalist
Knowing Is a Branching Trail, by Alison Hicks*2021 Birdy Poetry Prize
Like Buddha-Calm Bird, Kevin Rabas
Lilac and Sawdust, by Kenneth Pobo*2021 Birdy Finalist
MoonStain, Ronda Miller
More Than Words: Poems & Sketches, by Kevin Rabas *2021
Selected Poems: 2000-2020, by JC Mehta *2020 Birdy Poetry Prize
Setting the Waves on Fire, Arlice W. Davenport
Songs for My Father, Kevin Rabas
Stage Whispers, Roy J. Beckemeyer *2019 Nelson Poetry Book Award
Valentine, Ruth Maus *2019 Birdy Finalist
Walking on Water, Cheryl Unruh
Wandering Bone, Olive L. Sullivan
WaterSigns, Ronda Miller
When Creation Falls, Izzy Wasserstein
Whistling to Trick the Wind, by Bart Edelman

A Life in Progress and Other Short Stories, Tracy Million Simmons
A Time for Tears, by Jerilynn Jones Henrikson *2021 Midwest Book Award Silver Medal, YA Category
Green Bike, a novel  Kevin Rabas, Michaeld D. Graves, Tracy Million Simmons

Pete Stone, Private Investigator Series, by Michael D. Graves
    Book I: To Leave a Shadow  *2016 Kansas Notable Book, 2016 Looks Like a Million Book Design Award
    Book II: Shadow of Death 
    Book III: All Hallows' Shadows *2020 Coffin Award Winner, 2021 Kansas Notable Book, 2021 Midwest Book Award Silver Medal, Mystery

What Lies Beyond, Hannah Jeffers-Huser
Opulence, Kansas, Julie Stielstra *2021 Midwest Book Award Winner, YA Category, 2021 High Plains Book Award Finalist
Ava: A Year of Adventure in the Life of an American Avocet, by Mandy Kern, Illustrated by Onalee Nicklin *2021

A Cow for College and Other Stories of 1950s Farm Life, James Kenyon *2018 Martin Kansas History Award
And I Cried, Too: Confronting Evil in a Small Town, Mike Hartnett
Headwinds, Edna Bell-Pearson *2020 Kansas Notable Book
Memoirs of the Dysfunctional? Joann Garrity Williams
The Big Quiet, Lisa D. Stewart

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