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Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Wednesday Excerpt: Blue Collar Saint, by Brenda White

 Here's a little teaser for an upcoming book of poetry that you will see on the Meadowlark bookshelf this year. (YOUR bookshelf too! In fact, feel free to go ahead and place your order today!) We look forward to adding Brenda White (a 2020 Birdy Poetry Prize Finalist) to our collection of poets in 2021.

Brenda White’s verse resounds deeply, even in the dark places and in sentiments we Midwest working class folk don’t often like to share. One might say she gives voice to the masses, her verse capturing the light and dark of those who dare to dream, even when we suspect our dreams might end in disappointment. Only a true poet can turn life’s harsh realities into line and stanza that move us to reflect, connect, and read again. 

Enjoy these excerpts from Brenda's upcoming book of poetry.

2021 Poetry Titles - Now taking pre-release orders.

2021 Poetry Titles - Now taking pre-release orders.

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