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Wednesday, September 2, 2020

From the Publisher's Desk: A Kansas Notable, An Audio Book, On the Pages of Publisher's Weekly, and More!

Or . . . How I Keep Busy in a Pandemic 

The Kansas Notable Medal made a stop at the Meadowlark Office before traveling on to its author, Edna Bell-Pearson. Headwinds was named a 2020 Kansas Notable Book by the Kansas State Library.

News is probably better served in bits and pieces, but I am one who tends to walk around mulling over all the Meadowlark news inside my head for weeks and weeks before committing it to paper. And by paper, I mean website form, of course. Though paper remains a big topic here at Meadowlark. In fact, as I'm writing this, I've got new Meadowlark author, Jerilynn Jones Henrikson, sitting on her hands, patiently waiting for the next proof edition of her book, A Time for Tears, to be delivered. This is a beautiful book and a timely one. It falls in the historical fiction category, and we are calling it YA. It's going to be loved by all ages, though. I can tell already that it's going to be popular. 

We are also in the print proof stage of a first book of poetry by Arlice W. Davenport, titled Setting the Waves on Fire. I am proud to add such an accomplished poet to the Meadowlark bookshelf. For fun, here's a little video of my first glance at the cover of this gorgeous book. I saved it for you, as I wanted Arlice to see it before the rest of the world did. He is pleased, and we will be launching this book in the very near future. Stay tuned!

I hope everyone has had a chance to read Meadowlark's newest Kansas Notable title. (I can say it like that now because we have now have two!)  But let's face it, in my mind, they are all notable. It certainly is a thrill, however, when our stories are recognized by others. Here's a great interview with Edna Bell-Pearson, author of Headwinds, written by Linzi Garcia and published in the Emporia Gazette.

In other fun news, a Meadowlark book is in Publisher's Weekly, the August 31, 2020 issue! The Big Quiet: One Woman's Horseback Ride Home, by Lisa D. Stewart has been getting some great reviews. It's feeling like quite a success for a book released under stay-at-home orders. And the best news is, we're just getting started. For an opportunity to listen to Lisa read from The Big Quiet, read all the way to the end.

Another pandemic book (is that what we're calling them? note to self: must come up with a better nickname for 2020 books) that is making a good impression with readers is Opulence, Kansas, by Julie Stielstra. Just take a look at all the Opulence action at Goodreads! Just take a look at that big sky on the cover. You feel better already, don't you?

And one more new thing that I've been eager to announce, and that moment has finally arrived . . . <insert drumroll here> . . . Meadowlark has produced our first audio book! Many thanks to Ruth Maus for being such a great test subject for this endeavor. I've learned so much! For instance, did you know that "editing" with your ears makes your brain work in an entirely new way? I mean, of course it does, but what an education. Though I've longed considered myself a "good listener," I have never listened with such intention and focus before. Ruth has recorded her book of poetry (a Birdy finalist, 2019), Valentine and it is (so far) available at the following locations: Kobo, WalmartScribdGoogle Play, Chirp, Apple, and NOOK AudiobooksIt will soon be available at 43 audio retailers, including Audible. 

And not to worry, Pete Stone Fans, we (author Michael D. Graves and I) are currently working on Meadowlark's second audio book. This is happening! In the meantime, we are still waiting for that perfect time to host our Pete Stone cocktail party and reading for book 3, All Hallows' Shadows. Grab your copy and get it read today. There may be some prizes for Pete Stone trivia winners at the event.  

"Pete Stone continues to develop as an individual and decent human being. He's the kind of guy you cheer for and groan at when he uses a line. The history is accurate and the flavor of the time is spot on. My heart went our to Wil. The kindhearted and unlucky professor. The entire series was enjoyable and interesting with a little romance and mystery. Happy Reading!" --D.A. Irsik, author of the Heroes by Design series 

Sending much love and good reading!

Tracy Million Simmons

Owner/Publisher, Meadowlark Press

Register to attend this free reading with author Lisa Stewart at https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZIvdOipqT8oGtMx58pvsMpN25gckb0G9jzg


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