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All Hallows' Shadows

All Hallows' Shadows by Michael D. Graves

Book 3 of the Pete Stone, Private Investigator series: When a young woman is stabbed to death in Wichita, the police capture a suspect and put him behind bars within hours. Detective Pete Stone is hired to prove that the suspect is innocent, but Stone has his doubts. Isn’t being caught standing over the body with knife in hand evidence enough? When additional bodies turn up murdered by weapons with similar strange markings and cryptic verses, Stone realizes the clock is ticking. He must uncover the truth before the real villain strikes again, on Halloween night.

Book 1 of the Pete Stone, Private Investigator series: To Leave a Shadow
    Book 2 of the Pete Stone, Private Investigator series: Shadow of Death 

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Publisher: Meadowlark (March 2020)
ISBN: 978-1-7342477-3-2
   Language: English
   Retail: $16.98
   Pages: 246
Photo by Dave Leiker

Michael D. Graves created the character of Pete Stone as a memorial to his grandfather. His first Pete Stone novel, To Leave a Shadow, was selected as a 2016 Kansas Notable Book. All Hallows’ Shadows is his third Pete Stone novel. Mike’s writing has appeared in Cheap Detective Stories, Thorny Locust, Flint Hills Review, and elsewhere. He is an author of Green Bike, a group novel, along with Kevin Rabas and Tracy Million Simmons. He lives with his wife in Emporia, Kansas. They are both members of the Kansas Authors Club. When life conjures its riddles, Mike turns to back roads and baseball for answers. 

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