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Monday, April 6, 2020

Publishing Through a Pandemic

All Hallows' Shadows, by Michael D. Graves
 is book 3 of the Pete Stone, Private
Investigator Series. Now available in
paperback and as an ebook
wherever you buy books!

March and April were supposed to be big months for Meadowlark. We had a book release and cocktail party planned for Pete Stone fans (book 3 - All Hallows’ Shadows, now available). We had a workshop and poetry reading scheduled with Carol Kapaun Ratchenski (Birdy 2019 winner), Ruth Maus (Birdy finalist), and Cheryl Unruh. We were in the process of scheduling the release of Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg’s master collection of poetry, How Time Moves. And very much looking forward to planning the launch of Lisa Stewart’s memoir, The Big Quiet: One Woman’s Horseback Ride Home. Also, our first YA novel, Opulence, Kansas, by Julie Stielstra, was/is scheduled to be released in June.

Needless to say, the event calendar emptied quickly with the advance of COVID-19.

I must admit, I’ve struggled with focus as I muddle through the days, trying to adjust to this new normal. It has been good to hear from Meadowlark authors, and it has been a relief as we begin to see all the many ways our creative friends are working through this pandemic.

While scheduling remains a bit topsy-turvy, I know that we will all find ourselves re-focusing when the time comes, and making the most of these quiet, calendar-free moments. Meadowlark release dates may be more in a state of flow than we would like, but our books and our events will eventually happen. Watch for some ebook specials, and—as always—books remain available for purchase in the Meadowlark online bookstore for shipment anywhere in the US. (If you are local, select “pickup” and we will make arrangements to deliver books (no contact) at no extra charge.

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