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Monday, May 23, 2022

Marble Collectors Spotlighted in New Book of Marble Essays

Marble Shorts, by Cathy Callen

Emporia, KSMeadowlark Press and Cathy Callen announce the publication of Marble Shorts, Callen’s essay collection of glimpses into the lives of those who adore marbles. Beginning with the author’s own journey toward an 18,734-marble collection and an examination of the mysterious case of her missing marbles, this book is filled with positivity and fun marble images.

 Callen writes, “What spectators view as art in homes, businesses, and museums is the culmination of a creative process that starts with an idea. The work that goes into transforming a creative idea into something that can be displayed is not always obvious. If you are a patron of the arts, I would think your interest would lie primarily in the finished product—what you can see, what you can admire, what you might purchase, what you would then display. If you are an artist, the journey toward that destination belongs to you.”

 Marble Shorts contains eight essays, filled with sparkles of color that rival the marble images that adorn these pages. This book is a gift to the collector, the curious soul, the seeker of color in this bleary-eyed world, and the rest. Meet the Marble Lady of Kansas City. Meet the Girl Scout who uses marbles to earn her “think like an engineer” badge. Meet Bruce of the Moon Marble Company. You just never know what might happen if you plant a marble. It may grow!

 Romalyn Tilghman, author of To the Stars Through Difficulty, a 2018 Kansas Notable Book says, “Marble Shorts is a collection of gems. Profiles, pictures, and personal observations about passion, all inspired by those perfectly round glass objects that generate smiles throughout the world. Cathy Callen introduces us to connoisseurs, history, manufacturing, and, most importantly, the sheer enchantment of those magical pieces. In this case, one can judge a book by its cover; the photo of a blue marble between the toes of a baby's foot promises the delightful read to be delivered. “

 Marble Shorts is available at meadowlarkbookstore.com.

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