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Wednesday, September 29, 2021

HAPPY BOOKIVERSARIES! Stage Whispers & Family Plowing

Our Meadowlark mission to to bring books to readers that allow them to explore, connect, and discover. While the content holds its own, it's also our job to share resources with you that allow you to explore, connect to, and discover our authors. 

To help celebrate the September bookiversaries for Stage Whispers by Roy Beckemeyer and Family Plowing by Duane Hermann, below (hyperlinked) are some of the places you can read poems from these books, learn about and connect with the authors, and more. Bon voyage!

Stage Whispers by Roy Beckemeyer (2018)

Roy Beckemeyer's Website

Book Webpage

30-Page Sample on Issuu

Video of Publicist Linzi Garcia Reading an Excerpt

Map of Kansas Literature Entry

Nelson Poetry Book Award

Kansas Authors Club Author Talk

Goodreads Author Page

Leave a Review: Amazon, Goodreads

Order Stage Whispers Here!

Family Plowing and Other Prairie Poems: New and Used by Duane Herrmann (2019)

Duane Herrmann's Website

Book Webpage

13-Page Sample from Bahai Library

Chicken Creek Road

Poets & Writers Entry

Map of Kansas Literature Entry

More About Duane

Additional Poetry: Origami Poems Project, Soul-Lit

Leave a Review: Goodreads, Amazon

Order Family Plowing Here!

If you have more resources for these authors, feel free to stick them in the comments! Happy bookiversaries!


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