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Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Wednesday Excerpt and Project Announcement!

Happy Wednesday, readers! Wishing you quality reading time this summer. 

Meadowlark Press is proud to announce that there will be a whole new series of poetry books as we embark on an imprint project—Meadowlark Poetry Press! 

We all need more poetry in our lives and are so proud to be working with authors and books we believe in. We have books scheduled to be released about every other month, so stay tuned as we keep comin' to ya with announcements! We still have some behind-the-scenes legwork to do, but in the meantime, we want to share with you an excerpt from our first Poetry Press book: Everlasting by Arlice Davenport!

Recognize that name? Great! That's because Arlice released his first poetry collection, Setting the Waves on Fire, with Meadowlark last October. This collection has more existential musings, reflections on history, and beautiful craftsmanship. Have a peek for yourself...

After reading through Everlasting the first time, I turned back to
the poem “Parting,” which contains these words: “At first, the
poetry would not hold…the words did not hold.” My thoughts
went of course, immediately to Yeats’ “the centre cannot hold,”
thence to the thought that poetry and words are, indeed, at the
center of it all, and then, finally, to this response: “Yes, Arlice,” I
murmured, “poetry and words are the center, but, my friend, as
you demonstrate here in these pages, your poetry does hold; your words do hold.”
(Meadowlark Press 2018)


  1. Thank you, Linzi and Tracy for a fantastic promotion of "Everlasting." I am humbled, happily surprised, and grateful. With Roy's words added as the wise endorsement, I feel as if this new book will be a grand success. I look forward to the day -- very soon -- when we will have a real, material book in our hands. Keep up you wonderful work at Meadowlark Books. It benefits us all. -- Arlice

  2. The world is all the better for having a second book of Arlice Davenport ‘s wondrous poetry available, and Meadowlark deserves congratulations for their wise and discerning editorial prowess. What a great announcement to hear there will be a Meadowlark Poetry Press subsidiary! Will there be “poetry book club” subscriptions available? I’d sign up in a heartbeat!