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Wednesday, May 27, 2020

The Meadowlark Reader: Three by Kevin Rabas

Each Wednesday we will share an excerpt from a Meadowlark book. Sign up at Feed Burner to receive Meadowlark updates by email. 

Meadowlark- August 2018
ISBN-13: 978-1732241022
or wherever you buy books!
Dennis Chambers, Recorded

What I wanted
   was a minute or two
of his groove, up close
   caught on tape
along with filtered through
    my own two ears,
so I snuck a pocket recorder in
   to the Dennis Chambers clinic,
sat up front at the foot
   of his bass drum,
tangled in silver
   cymbal stands, like a man
in a thicket. Somehow,
   I pressed the play button,
and out came my baby sister’s
   voice, and Chambers heard, miffed,
and hit harder, and knocked a cymbal
   down beside me, felled it
with one stroke, and that
   sent me packing, recorder
shut off, head down,

   ears aslant.

Copyright © 2018 Kevin Rabas
Like Buddha-Calm Bird

Your Portrait

It used to be the very rich
   would have to dress up
in their finest threads
   and sit real still,
while a hired painter
   sketches, then brushes
their faces and fancy clothes
   onto canvas.
But now any ole Jane or Jim
   can slap on some nice clothes
and step into the bathroom
   with their phone,
and snap the same thing—
from painting sitting
   to selfie.

Copyright © 2018 Kevin Rabas
Like Buddha-Calm Bird

Roadtrip, Rainbow

What ancient plainsfolk
must’ve thought, walking
through tan grass
when they saw a giant rainbow
in the distance, reaching, touching
nothing, before we knew
   the science.

We stop in our van
   on the way to Wichita,
along the flat gray breakdown lane,
the yellow-tan plains,
like low-tide waves,
   and out come the phones
and the snap of photos. How bright
the leg of the arch
near the ground,
   like gold
spilling into grass.

Copyright © 2018 Kevin Rabas
Like Buddha-Calm Bird

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