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Friday, December 29, 2017

Your favorite 1930s gumshoe, Pete Stone, is back!

Saturday, June 5

The first time I met the cop we had words. You might’ve called it an altercation. Maybe even a fight. It was night, late at night, going into the wee hours of the morning, and I’d been drinking, again. I’d been drinking a lot lately. The cop braced me on the sidewalk down the street from Tom’s Inn, planting a fleshy paw on my chest with a stiff arm. He flashed a grin that bore not a trace of good humor. He leaned in and sniffed my breath and snapped his head back.

“Ugh, man. You smell like a drunken bum. You’re stink-o, you are. Who are you, buddy? What’s your name?”

I fumbled through my pockets and pulled out a card.

“Pete Stone, Private Investigations,” he said. “So, you’re a gumshoe. Well, you’re drunk, gumshoe. I hope you don’t think you’re going to drive your fancy automobile over my city streets in your condition. Cause if you do, you’ve got another think coming.”

I stood under a yellow streetlight. My Jones Six Roadster, top down, was parked at the curb three steps away. My keys dangled from my fingertips. I glanced at my car. I glanced at my keys. I looked at the cop.

“Wise deduction, Sherlock,” I said. I may have slurred. “How’d you figure that?” 


When a cop killer strikes Wichita, Pete Stone, Private Investigator, is on the case. He has to be. He wakes up in jail, battered and bruised and accused of a murder he's almost certain he didn't commit. He must prove his innocence before he's abandoned by his clients, his friends, and one special lady. When Stone is not getting knocked around by cops, he's getting roughed up by love.

To Leave a Shadow, the first Pete Stone novel,
was a 2016 Kansas Notable Book.

Pete Stone returns in Shadow of Death, published December 2017 by Meadowlark Books.

Both books are available at your favorite local bookstore (just ask them to order a copy if they do not already carry it), at any online book retailer, and as ebooks on Amazon Kindle.

Purchase signed copies from the Meadowlark Bookstore!

Click to be directed to the Meadowlark Bookstore

Click to be directed to the Meadowlark Bookstore

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