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Michael D. Graves

Pete Stone, Private Investigator

When the Great Depression hit Wichita, Pete Stone lost his dairy business in a coin toss and his marriage soon after. Always a loner and reluctant to take orders, he begins his career as a private investigator. With a heart of gold and determination to follow his gut when the clues don’t pan out, Pete never stops until the bad guy is caught.

Michael D. Graves created the character of Pete Stone as a memorial to his grandfather. Set in historically accurate 1930s Wichita, Kansas, the series is appropriate for middle school through adult audiences. 

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Shadows and Sorrows
Michael D. Graves

· Paperback: 232 pages
· Publisher: Meadowlark (March 2022)
· Language: English
· ISBN: 978-1-956578-03-4

Also available as Ebook

Pete Stone and Cocky Wright met on a baseball field, a pair of boys with skinned knees and lots of moxie. They developed a loyalty and a friendship that lasted long after time stole their youth.    

Now, Cocky is dead, his widow and daughter are in danger, and shady characters are after something he was hiding. All Cocky left behind was a key and lots of questions. Was he dealing secrets to the German American Bund? Was he a threat to the safety of the country? Was his death an accident or murder?

When his pal’s ghost whispers, “You got moxie, kid,” Pete Stone knows he must find the answers. He must uncover the truth and save the reputation of his friend.  


All Hallows' Shadows
Michael D. Graves

  • Paperback: 252 pages
  • Publisher: Meadowlark (February 2020)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 978-1-7342477-3-2
Also available as Ebook and on Audio (narrated by Michael D. Graves)

When a young woman is stabbed to death in Wichita, the police capture a suspect and put him behind bars within hours. Detective Pete Stone is hired to prove that the suspect is innocent, but Stone has his doubts. Isn’t being caught standing over the body with knife in hand evidence enough? When additional bodies turn up murdered by weapons with similar strange markings and cryptic verses, Stone realizes the clock is ticking. He must uncover the truth before the real villain strikes again, on Halloween night.

A 2021 Kansas Notable Book
A 2021 Midwest Book Award Finalist
2020 J. Donald Coffin Memorial Book Award from the Kansas Authors Club


Shadow of Death
Michael D. Graves

· Paperback: 276 pages
· Publisher: Meadowlark (November 2017)
· Language: English
· ISBN-13: 978-0996680165

Also available as Ebook
When a cop killer strikes Wichita, Pete Stone, Private Investigator, is on the case. He has to be. He wakes up in jail, battered and bruised and accused of a murder he’s almost certain he didn’t commit. He must prove his innocence before he’s abandoned by his clients, his friends, and one special lady. When Stone is not getting knocked around by cops, he’s getting roughed up by love.


To Leave a Shadow
Michael D. Graves

· Paperback: 204 pages
· Publisher: Meadowlark (November 2015)
· Language: English
· ISBN-13: 978-0692567791

Also available as Ebook and on Audio (narrated by Ben Stanton)

Pete Stone hadn’t always been a private eye. He’d lost his dairy business at the toss of a coin when the depression hit. His children grew up, as children do, and his wife left him for a chinchilla farmer. He had learned to like his solitude. When Mrs. Lucille Hamilton walked through his door searching for her missing husband, Pete was the only one who believed her husband’s death hadn’t been a suicide.
A 2016 Kansas Notable Book

"It Looks Like a Million" Design Award by the Kansas Authors Club


Michael D. Graves created the character of Pete Stone as a memorial to his grandfather. His first Pete Stone novel, To Leave a Shadow, was selected as a 2016 Kansas Notable Book. All Hallows’ Shadows is his third Pete Stone novel. Mike’s writing has appeared in Cheap Detective Stories, Thorny Locust, Flint Hills Review, and elsewhere. He is an author of Green Bike, a group novel, along with Kevin Rabas and Tracy Million Simmons. He lives with his wife in Emporia, Kansas. They are both members of the Kansas Authors Club. When life conjures its riddles, Mike turns to back roads and baseball for answers. 


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