Memoirs of the Dysfunctional?

Memoirs of the Dysfunctional? by Joann Garrity Williams 

Meadowlark- August 2018
ISBN-13: 978-1732241015
ISBN-10: 1732241015
BISAC: Biographies & Memoirs

This is a story about real, ordinary, but not so common people. Memoirs of the Dysfunctional depicts the unconventional, but necessary lifestyle, and results, of a family forced to live a somewhat nomadic existence because the father, who was blinded as a child, had no means of support other than working as a street musician. It describes the ups and downs and the experiences they had throughout forty states, as well as showing the results of lifestyles after having lived through those experiences. It introduces personalities like Ray, a blind friend who would sit at a Chicago neighborhood bar, roll his glass eyes down the bar and yell, “Snake eyes!” and Ben, who broke the mold of the stereotyped visually impaired.

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