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Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Our books don't jingle, but you can hear some of them!


Our books don't jingle, but you can hear some of them!

Meadowlark Audio Books!

Check out our growing collection of audio books.

Yes! We do have audio books. And we have plans for more audio books! Now through the end of the year, buy our audio books from our very own Author Direct audio book store, and SAVE! All our audio books are specially priced, just for you, today through the end of 2022!

Meadowlark Audio Books

Thank you for Reading a Meadowlark Book—We couldn’t do this without you!

In 2019, I started asking what I could do to make Meadowlark Press more than a passion project. Could I grow our little press into a truly profitable enterprise? What changes could I make to better support our authors and our readers? How could we reach more readers with the wonderful books we were producing?

I’m not ready to claim we are there yet, but we have made definite progress in three short years, and the answers have been many and varied. Fostering relationships directly with our readers has been one of the biggest changes that is making a difference. Yes, our books remain available through the standard book-buying channels. But direct sales from our own website now rival the orders we get via Ingram and Amazon, and not sharing “the profit” with so many levels of distributors has been good for our bottom line. We are thankful for the readers who are willing to bypass the convenience of free shipping and perhaps single-stop book shopping in exchange for taking the time to visit us personally as we take our books on the road or visit our online bookstore where our authors make the most $$ for their hard work.

I also want to take a moment to thank the independent bookstores and gift shops, especially in Kansas, but also beyond, who are willing to take the extra time we know it requires to order books directly from us. We book lovers are all in this together, and as the rising costs of returns via traditional print-on-demand channels make playing the “traditional game” of bookselling almost impossible for a press the size of Meadowlark, we are happy to report that our books are available in more indie bookstores than ever before, and we will continue to focus on increasing reader-demand for our favorite titles (who am I kidding, all of our titles are favorites!) so that our supporting bookstores are even more motivated to carry Meadowlark books.

2022 has been another year full of growth and learning. We are so proud of the titles we have shared with the world, and we are excited for the future of Meadowlark Press.

Thank you for joining us on this journey, and before I sign off, I have a favor to ask of you. Please take a moment to share your love of a Meadowlark book. Leave a review for a Meadowlark book, share our website with your reading friends and family, encourage your social media followers to follow us on Facebook. Any assistance you can give us is appreciated. Our authors need your support; our little press thrives thanks to friends like you.

Much love and good reading,

Tracy Million Simmons

Meadowlark Press

Top Sellers in 2022


  1. And I Cried, Too (2017), Mike Hartnett

  2. Gravedigger’s Daughter: Vignettes from a Small Kansas Town (2021), Cheryl Unruh*

  3. Ava: A Year of Adventure in the Life of an American Avocet (2021), Mandy Kern

  4. A Cat Named Fatima: Tales of 23 Cats and the People Who Love Them (2022), James Kenyon

  5. Ann of Sunflower Lane (2022), Julie A. Sellers

  6. The Big Quiet (2021), Lisa D. Stewart


  1. Gravedigger’s Daughter: Vignettes from a Small Kansas Town (2021), Cheryl Unruh*

  2. Blue Collar Saint (2021), Brenda Leigh White

  3. Cutting Teeth (2022), Ivan Hobson

  4. Cupping Our Palms (2022), Jonathan Greenhause

  5. Whistling to Trick the Wind (2021), Bart Edelman

  6. Kansas Poems (2021), Brian Daldorph

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Top Sellers, All Time


  1. And I Cried, Too (2017), Mike Hartnett

  2. Ava: A Year of Adventure in the Life of an American Avocet (2021), Mandy Kern

  3. A Cow for College and Other Stories of 1950s Farm Life (2017), James Kenyon

  4. To Leave a Shadow, Book 1 of the Pete Stone Series (2015), Michael D. Graves

  5. Golden Rule Days: History and Recollections of 109 Closed Kansas High Schools (2019), James Kenyon

  6. All Hallows’ Shadows, Book 3 of the Pete Stone Series (2020), by Michael D. Graves


  1. MoonStain (2015), Ronda Miller

  2. Songs for My Father (2016), Kevin Rabas

  3. Whistling to Trick the Wind (2021), Bart Edelman

  4. Gravedigger’s Daughter: Vignettes from a Small Kansas Town (2021), Cheryl Unruh*

  5. Blue Collar Saint (2021), by Brenda Leigh White

  6. How Time Moves: New and Selected Poems (2020), by Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg

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Cheryl Unruh’s Gravedigger’s Daughter stands as a testament to how great writing uses particulars to capture the universal. While few readers may have helped to prepare graves as a child or know what the summer sky looks like from their depths, Unruh’s beautifully crafted reflections unearth the relatable joys and confusions of youth, love, and loss. While each poem preserves a carefully honed memory, the collection as a whole carries the reader through a lifetime with touching humor and heartbreaking grace. It is an intimate look into a specific family, but it stirs familiar emotions that have the magic to conjure readers’ own pasts.

Dr. Julia Galm
2022 Nelson Poetry Book Judge

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