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Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Birdy 2022 Finalist Book Out Now! + Contest Submission Reminder

Meadowlark Press is proud to announce the release of No Matter How It Ends by E.J. Rode!

Reader beware. This book of poetry will hold you captive. E.J. Rode dares to write that “Love is always a miracle—no matter how it ends.” She speaks of unbearable loss. “Growing old was something—we’d do—together.” “Didn’t you know—that you were the story—I always wanted to hear.” She remembers, “. . .my hand against your skin—never wishing I’d touched you less.” She faces despair and cries out, “. . .over and over again I find myself lost.”  “Even the truth has learned to lie.” Repeatedly, she returns to the moon for solace, a moon that is “always too much, and never enough.” She “. . .silently scolds the clock for ticking.” She declares, “. . .of my failings I can only tell—I’ve fallen short—but loved so well.” She abides by her advice: “Write poems you fear no one will like. . .” Truth at all cost. Expect nothing else from this poet. No Matter How It Ends is a masterpiece by a highly skilled poet who dares to live life on her own terms.

—Marcel Aimé Duclos, author of Unavoidable. . . evade dying at your own peril (Black Forest Publishing, 2021)

About the Author:

E.J. has spent most of her life choosing the roads less traveled. She finds joy, sorrow, and, frequently, wisdom in almost everyone she meets. Her work resonates because it is reflective of how much we are alike, even when we differ. Although she has tried her hand at many forms of writing, from fiction and newspaper columns to essays, she always returns to poetry, her first love.

E.J.’s poetry has appeared in Third Wednesday, The Josephine Quarterly, And/Both Magazine, Zephyr Press, and Colorado Living.





We would also like to take this opportunity to invite YOU to submit your poetry manuscript for the 2023 Birdy Poetry Prize contest!

Submissions are open through 11:59 p.m. on December 1! 

Details are as follows, as well as found at birdypoetryprize.com:


Entry Fee: $25

Prize: $1,000 cash, publication by Meadowlark Press, including 50 copies of the completed book.

All entries will be considered for standard Meadowlark Press publishing contract offers, as well. Full-length poetry manuscripts (55 page minimum, 90+ pages preferred) will be considered. Poems may be previously published in journals and/or anthologies, but not in full-length, single-author volumes. Poets are eligible to enter, regardless of publishing history. Previous winners are NOT eligible to enter. Previous Finalists ARE eligible to enter.

Manuscript Preparation:

·         The author’s name should not appear anywhere on the document.

·         Do NOT include publication credits or lists of previously published work.  

·         Manuscript should include:  

o   title of collection

o   any section or division headings, if desired

o   all poems to be included in the collection




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