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Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Bart Edelman's poem "Where Are You, Osbaldo?" published by Hawaii Pacific Review

 Meadowlark poet Bart Edelman (Whistling to Trick the Wind, 2021) recently had his poem "Where Are You, Osbaldo?" published in Hawaii Pacific Review! Congratulations, Bart!

Where Are You, Osbaldo?

by Bart Edelman

The night twists tighter—
A tourniquet of desire.
And we can’t help but whisper,
Where are you, Osbaldo?
What promises have you made
Nameless hungry women,
Seated at banquet dinners
You do not expect to attend.
How long can you pinwheel
Between each flickering star,
Displaying smile after smile,
Although solitude’s luxury
Confines you to impure thoughts.
One day the clever moon
Will be done with you, forever.
You’ll spin out of control,
In an orbit dawn delivers
To the last available address,
Lurking beside your name.
Mismatched clothes still remain—
Waiting for you to claim—
Yet you’ll never wear them again.

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