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Wednesday, January 12, 2022

From the mailbox! Excerpt of A Cat Named Fatima: Tales of 23 Cats & the People Who Loved Them

 A treat for you this evening, dear readers! 

Enjoy this peek into A Cat Named Fatima: 
Tales of 23 Cats & The People Who Loved Them

Congratulations on the latest publication, James Kenyon!

Description: This is a book for ailurophiles (people who love cats). From the award-winning author of A Cow for College and Other Short Stories of 1950s Farm Life, comes 23 stories and poems dedicated to those who adore their feline friends. From a three-legged barn cat to a Siamese that loved showers, from the best cat a fisherman could ever have to a veterinary clinic’s greeter, these cat stories will warm the heart, bring laughter, and perhaps a tear or two.

Each story is illustrated by a delightful kitty sketch by the artist, Thomas Marple.

Cat-Lovers and Lovers of Cat-Lovers, Order Here!

About the Author: James is a retired 👨‍⚕️🐕🐶🐮🐴🐷🐩 (veterinarian).
He treated large and small animals for 40 years (and still helps his 4-legged friends). He is also an Iditarod volunteer doctor; husband, father, grandfather; active community volunteer; reader; and poet.


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