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Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Please join us for the release of Whistling to Trick the Wind by Bart Edelman!

Did you know today is Wednesday? A silly observation to some and a reality check to others! This means that the DAY AFTER TOMORROW you will have access to 100% Bart Edelman (virtually, of course) during the Whistling to Trick the Wind book launch event! We are so excited for you to hear Bart read and for you to have the opportunity to chat with him Friday evening at this free, public launch. Remember to register ahead of time! 🥰📚

Did you also know that Bart Edelman has a website, where you can view videos, listen to interviews, and learn more about Bart? It's true! At www.BartEdelman.com, you can find this video (below) and more. Meadowlark is currently working with Bart on updating his plentiful website, so stay tuned for a website reprise! Thank you for your support, last week, tonight, Friday night, and every other past, present, and future day. 

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