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Thursday, May 6, 2021

Meadowlark poet, JC Mehta, takes home 27 award wins!

Congratulations to Meadowlark Poet Jessica Mehta (2020 Birdy winner) on their recent award wins at the Human Relations Indie Book Awards

🌟 2021 Human Relations Cultural Awareness Book of the Year - The Wrong Kind of Indian (novel) (Wyatt Mackenzie Publishing)
🌟 Gold Winner (Cultural & Diversity category) - The Wrong Kind of Indian
🌟 Silver Winner (Cultural & Diversity) - Bad Indian (poetry) (Brick Mantel Books)
🌟 Gold Winner (Collection of Human Relations Indie Short Stories or Essays) - Gimme the Familiars (Musehick Publications)
🌟 Bronze Winner (Life Challenges) - You Look Something (Wyatt Mackenzie Publishing)
🌟 Gold Winner (General) - Gimme the Familiars
🌟 Gold Winner (Personal Determination) - You Look Something
🌟 Bronze Winner (Personal Determination) - Bad Indian
🌟 Gold Winner (Reflection) - Bad Indian
🌟 Gold Winner (Multicultural Realistic Fiction) - You Look Something
🌟 Honorable Mention (Multicultural Realistic Fiction) - The Wrong Kind of Indian
🌟 Gold Winner (Personal Challenge Poetry) - Secret-Telling Bones (The Operating System)
🌟 Bronze Winner (Personal Challenge Poetry) - Savagery (Airlie Press)
🌟 Honorable Mention (Personal Challenge Poetry) - Bad Indian
🌟 Honorable Mention (Personal Challenge Poetry) - Orygun (Tayen Lane Publisher)
🌟 Honorable Mention (Personal Challenge Poetry) - Drag Me Through the Mess (Unsolicited Press)
🌟 Honorable Mention (Personal Challenge Poetry) - Constellations of My Body (Musehick Publications)
🌟 Honorable Mention Winner (Personal Challenge Poetry) - Selected Poems: 2000-2020 (Meadowlark Books) (Look! That's us!)
🌟 Gold Winner (Tie) (Diversity Poetry) - Savagery
🌟 Gold Winner (Tie) (Diversity Poetry) - Orygun
🌟 Silver Winner (Diversity Poetry) - Bad Indian
🌟 Bronze Winner (Tie) (Diversity Poetry) - Drag Me Through the Mess
🌟 Bronze Winner (Tie) (Diversity Poetry) - Selected Poems: 2000-2020
🌟 Honorable Mention (Diversity Poetry) - Secret-Telling Bones
🌟 Honorable Mention (Diversity Poetry) - Constellations of my Body
🌟 Bronze Winner (Realistic Poetry) - Bad Indian
🌟 Honorable Mention (Realistic Poetry) - Selected Poems: 2000-2020

All of these books can be ordered at Jessica's website: thischerokeerose.com. There, you'll also find Jessica's upcoming events, a documentary about their life, audio and video recordings of Jessica reading, and more!

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