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Wednesday, May 13, 2020

The Meadowlark Reader: Three by Ruth Maus

Each Wednesday we will share an excerpt from a Meadowlark book. Sign up at Feed Burner to receive Meadowlark updates by email. 

  • Finalist - The Birdy Poetry Prize - 2019
  • Published September 2019
  • ISBN: 978-1-7322410-6-0

(on the shelves in the Topeka store)
  • Now available also as an ebook

One Day While Driving

One day while driving
I saw
herds of umbrellas
crossing the plains of a rainy intersection.

Two by two
they had paired themselves,
guided by some subconscious imprint
of an earlier Deluge.

Copyright © 2019 Ruth Maus


When tribal leaders voted a cease-fire
the moated island natives didn’t care. They
savored pounding down some feral enemy
and scalping their (mostly) figurative E.U. hair. 

Suspicion dies hard. That’s why borders make
commercial bloodshed archipelagos of pride
and lands amass great periodic outbreaks
of stink-eye cast at anyone outside.

If France delivered croissants, the Netherlands
produced great cheese, and England’s cost of
living went hand-in-hand with all Spain’s
plethora of ham, would most folks be
hard to appease? 

And would that, perhaps, bring Brexit
to its knees?

Copyright © 2019 Ruth Maus

Cat Tale

She has a black housecat the size
of Sasquatch and twice as hairy.
At night the cat and his protective
sister, also black, sandwich
her between them in the bed,
warm bologna cuddled
by two purring pumpernickels.

Sometimes in the mornings she
awakes and finds a dampish toy
delivered to her pillow, the devolved
hunter’s treat of a single dying rat,
hold the mustard.

Copyright © 2019 Ruth Maus

sketch of a cat
illustration by Ruth Maus

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