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Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Dear Meadowlark Friends --

I love a new year! It's a fresh calendar. It's a notebook filled with fresh, clean pages. It's a sharp new pencil with a perfect pink eraser. It's a glorious new pen or collection of markers at the ready to help me create lists, check boxes, draft prose, and color code the multitude of projects sure to cross my desk.

And 2019, for Meadowlark Books, will bring the publication of the very first Birdy Poetry Prize manuscript! I am so excited! The entries for this inaugural year of our poetry contest have been a delight to read. We've been so pleased with the talented poets who shared their collected works with us. My only regret is that we do not have more awards to give. We certainly have many worthy manuscripts!

I expect to be making the announcement about The Birdy Poetry Prize winner no later than mid-January.  

Stay tuned. I will keep you up to date here, and finalists will be notified directly via email when the announcement date is set.

As well, we've had a tremendous number of submissions in fiction, non-fiction, and poetry for the Meadowlark Bookshelf, in general. The quality and quantity of manuscripts has been amazing! My only regret--I swear--is that I will be unable to publish them all. They are just that good. My "favorites" list continues to grow and I've even recruited additional readers to help us make some decisions. 

Get ready book lovers! Meadowlark is going to provide you with some gems!

Tracy Million Simmons
Owner/Publisher, Meadowlark Books

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