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Friday, May 29, 2015

MoonStain, poetry by Ronda Miller, Published by Meadowlark Books

May 25, 2015

MoonStain, poetry by Ronda Miller, Published by Meadowlark Books

“MoonStain describes the blood moon as it shines through tree leaves, marking the long hours of sleepless night as it spreads from one point to another on a young child’s bedroom floor,” says Ronda Miller of the title poem of her collection, published by Meadowlark Books.

In this collection of poetry, Miller weaves stories of life, death, and love through her poetry, primarily narrative in form. From glimpses of her childhood home on her grandparents’ farm to images of a woman’s life, her loves, her losses, we learn of life’s stains, of moments that shape and become a part of one woman’s voice.

The 60 poem collection is divided into sections: New Moon, Moon Shadows, Moonbeams, and Full Moon. The book sells for $12 and will be available at online book retailers, at the Raven Book Store, from the author, and on the Meadowlark website, www.meadowlarkbooks.com. The e-book version of MoonStain will become available in June.

Miller is a district president of the Kansas Authors Club and the state manager (2011-2015) of KAC’s annual poetry contests. Miller is available for poetry readings and workshops and can be reached through info@meadowlark-books.com.

"In MoonStain, verses change as the moon; they sometimes reflect turbulent light, other times small rays of harmonic, poetic rhythms. Ronda Miller becomes one with the moon, channeling and celebrating what is feminine, dark, passion, shadows, desire, and love. Miller channels and celebrates the here and now, every day themes, memories. And within her poetry, sacred word for eternity, she heals herself and is reborn." Xánath Caraza – Award winning author of the International Latino Book Awards and author ofSyllables of Wind / Sílabas de Viento

Ronda Miller is a Life Coach who works with clients who have lost someone to homicide. She is a graduate of The University of Kansas and lives in Lawrence. She is a Fellow of The Citizen Journalism Academy, World Company, a Certified Life Coach with IPEC (Institute of Professional Empowerment Coaching), and mother of Scott and Apollonia. She created poetic forms loku and ukol. Ronda is the co-chair, along with Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg, for the Transformative Language Arts Conference to be held at Unity Village September, 2015.

Meadowlark (Emporia, KS) is an independent publisher, born of a desire to produce high-quality books for print and electronic delivery. Meadowlark is developing a collection of books that focus on a Midwest regional appeal, via author and/or topic. Meadowlark is open to working with authors of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and mixed media.

Learn more at www.meadowlark-books.com.

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  1. Becoming Who We Are
    In exquisite style, poet Ronda Miller shares her life-changing events in MoonStain. She writes of finding freedom in tumbleweeds that taught her “how to roam”, of feeling pelting “fresh summer rain” and “hedge apple sized hail.” But Miller can never know how different she would be if her mother hadn’t died—suicide—when she was three. As a result this child “was left to grow wild and free.”
    Miller reveals to us the depths of her emotional turmoil and her desperate need to find her identity—before it’s too late—in her powerful poem, “Mama Slam.” In this composition she reveals how she attempted to cope through self-destructive behavior.
    Fortunately for her—and us—Ronda learns she doesn’t need to be angry at her mother, or to become her mother. Instead, only by being herself is she set free.
    --Jim Potter, author of Taking Back the Bullet: Trajectories of Self-Discovery