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Thursday, September 11, 2014

GREEN BIKE signing (Saturday 6 Sept. 2014)

It was a true joy signing books with Tracy and Mike this past weekend at Town Crier Books--Emporia. We signed and sold about 24 books, the books pulled out of the boxes and put into the hands of friends and fans. Thanks to Town Crier for hosting us. It's always a rush to sign a book, to look into the eyes of your next reader, and say "enjoy!" Writing can be a solitary path, but events like this one remind me that, ultimately, writing is about connection and communication, about sharing and speaking, and about listening. To those who came out last Saturday, thank you for supporting local writers and your local bookstore. To those who could not, consider ordering your copy today. We're happy to sign GREEN BIKE for you. We wish you the best in your writing and in your life. Write on, and read on, always.
--Kevin Rabas

on Square Market

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