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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Green Bike: Coming to a Bookstore Near You, September 2014

Green Bike, a group novel by
Kevin Rabas, Mike Graves and Tracy Million Simmons

"Green Bike reads like jazz improvisatinoal solos: each author works the narrative threads, making them distinct yet seemlessly interwoven to create a layered novel. Like the classic Schwinn of the title, this book will lead you on a wonderful adventure."  - Hardy Jones, author of Every Bitter Thing

"Green Bike gets love just right: the coming forward and backing off; the hope that goes hand in hand with fear. The multiple authors combine to lend a fluid and unique style to the story." - Jen McConnell, author of Welcome, Anybody

"Green Bike brings the idea of unseen, underlying cause and effect to the chaotic world of love, showing us one thing very clearly: though love is a volatile emotion it can be ignited by something so simple and so pure as a green bike. And that's what people want for themselves, I think, the comfort in knowing that an unexpected spark can be responsible for infinite happiness." - Caleb J. Ross, author of I Didn't Mean to Be Kevin

Green Bike follows the lives of three couples, using the McGuffin, or shared symbol, of a classic Schwinn bike to link parallel tales. Following these tenuously linked tales, Green Bike is at once a muted romance, a graduate school bedroom romp, and a love letter to a dying mother.

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