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Questions & Answers

Updated 03/01/2020

This page answers questions regarding standard manuscript submissions for fiction, memoir, and poetry manuscripts.


How much does Meadowlark pay its authors?

Meadowlark does not offer any type of advance payment for books. We are in this together. If your book is selected by Meadowlark for publication, we will provide you with professional layout and design services for a quality book that will be available in print and/or electronic formats. In exchange, Meadowlark will receive a percentage of the profit (after printing costs) from your book sales. 

So I won't earn any money up front. Will I be asked to pay you anything?

Authors published by Meadowlark will not have any required up-front expenses. Exceptions would be for the following:
  • You are not content with the standard, basic cover design that is provided by Meadowlark. If you prefer original artwork or customized design for your book's exterior that requires assistance beyond the Meadowlark team's capabilities, you would have to cover the cost of that design, in full, out of your pocket. We are happy to work with you to produce professional grade cover art at no charge, and if you require something more specialized or unique, we will provide the guidelines necessary to complete your cover. It should be noted that many Meadowlark book covers have used independent photographers and/or graphic artists that the authors have paid for out-of-pocket.
  • We have selected your manuscript as Meadowlark imprint potential, but feel that additional editing, beyond the scope of what is available by the Meadowlark team, is necessary. At that point, you would have the option of working further with an editor of your choice, at your own expense, before submitting the manuscript again to Meadowlark for consideration. As well, Meadowlark is happy to advise and assist you on finding an editor to fit your needs.
  • And, of course, you will have to pay for any print copies of your book that you would like to purchase to sell on your own, beyond the marketing channels available for print-on-demand books via Meadowlark's chosen distributors. You will be able to purchase these copies in any quantity that you wish for the cost of printing, plus Meadowlark's percentage of commission and shipping and any applicable taxes. 

How much can I expect to earn once my book is published? How many books will I sell?

We wish we had an answer for you on this one. While we would love to guarantee that you will sell hundreds and hundreds of books, there is simply no way to know that readers will love your work as much as we do. We will provide book launch assistance and our growing arsenal of book marketing advice will be at your disposal.

What we can tell you honestly is this; selling books is hard work. Some authors are better cut out for it than others. We won't select your book for publication with Meadowlark unless we feel we can whole-heartedly recommend your book to our reading friends. Your success, however, will depend on your efforts and your ability to continually market your work, both before and after we have it in published form.

Then again, you may be the author that hits big with the next best-seller. You never know where this journey is going to take you. And if that is the case, we are happy to help you along for the ride.

If Meadowlark selects my book for publication, where will my book be sold?

Your book will be available for order at all the major online book stores (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.) Any bookstore (including indies) will be able to order your book from the major book distributors, just like any major publishing house book. Note that you will likely have to do some in-person selling to get local bookstores and area libraries to carry copies of your work.

As well, you will be able to purchase copies of your book in bulk from Meadowlark to sell at signings and in other manners as you chose.

When can I submit my manuscript for consideration?

Beginning in 2020, Meadowlark will be accepting full manuscript queries in fiction, memoir, and poetry on a rotating bases via Submittable. The next open reading period is expected to be early in 2021. 

If my book is selected, am I committed to publishing with Meadowlark?

You are not committed until you sign a contract. If at any point prior to signing the contract, you would like to withdraw your manuscript, simply let us know.

I would like to pay someone to help me publish my book. Can I just pay Meadowlark?

Meadowlark does not provide publishing services for a fee for independent authors. Our goal is to promote our community and region as an independent press. While we would love to help every author publish a book, we will remain selective in the process of choosing the books we wish to publish.

You haven't answered all of my questions. What if there is more I want to know?

We encourage you to explore the Meadowlark website and we welcome comments, feedback, and additional questions. If you have items you would like to see addressed on this page or elsewhere on our website, please submit via the "contact us" box on the left side of this page.


  1. The site says poetry submissions are still being accepted, but there are no guidelines listed. Shall I follow the novel guidelines?

  2. Now updated -- poetry guidelines are available, as well. Thanks!

  3. Just checking if I read this correct. I have written a fiction novel but your company would not be willing to consider publishing it until January 15, 2022?

    1. That's right. We are a small press. In order to better serve our authors, we will begin alternating fiction and nonfiction titles every other year.