Poetry Manuscript Submissions

Note: Poets submitting before the January 19 deadline are invited to enter The Birdy Poetry Prize contest ($25 entry fee). The winner in 2020 receives $500 cash prize plus publication. All entries to the contest will also be considered for publication. 

What are we looking for? Meadowlark is interested in publishing full-length book collections of poetry. Eighty pages is a good number to target. Fewer is fine if your poems are long. More is fine if your poems are brief. We are delighted by illustrations, but certainly don’t require them. We will also consider collections that include poetry and prose.

Now accepting Poetry Manuscripts!
(end submission period: February 16, 2020)

Please read this page before submitting a manuscript to Meadowlark Books.

Prepare your submission, as follows, in a single Word (.doc or .docx) or Rich Text File (.rtf):

Page 1
Author Name (as it will appear on your book, should we publish it)
Author contact, including mailing address, email address, phone number.
Author website (if applicable)
Author bio (book worthy – no more than 300 words)
List of books published, including dates and publisher (if any) or significant publications in journals, magazines, online, etc.

Page 2
In no more than one page, tell us why you think your manuscript is a good fit for Meadowlark.

Page 3
Begin your manuscript here, starting with the title page. Include a complete list of contents in order (no page numbers). Include any section or division headings. Manuscript should also include author bio, personal acknowledgments, and publishing acknowledgments.



  1. Are you accepting combined poetry and prose manuscripts at the present? Some place mentioned it.

  2. Yes. Poetry and prose combo manuscripts will be considered for general poetry submissions. Poetry manuscripts including prose poetry pieces also qualify for The Birdy.