Kansas Roots Collection, Call for Submissions (Open, again!)

Meadowlark is seeking true stories about what ties you to the state of Kansas. We want to read stories about the people you love and the places that make you feel at home. Show us what it means to be from Kansas or to have adopted Kansas as your own if you are from someplace else. We want stories about life and beauty that is particular (or maybe even peculiar) to Kansas and Kansans.

A variety of formats (prose and poetry) will be considered, but all stories must be true.

Accepted entries for this collection will be offered payment and/or copies of the completed books. Original, unpublished works are preferred. Reprints will be considered if the author retains the right to publish.

Preparing your formatted document for submission:

1) Please include the following information in the first page of your document:
- Name of author, as you wish it to be printed, if selected.
- Author contact, including mailing address, email address, and phone number.
- Author website (if applicable)
- Author Bio (maximum 300 words)

2) If submitted piece is a reprint, please include a detailed list of publication history.

3) Entry should begin on 2nd page of document. Please use standard text and margins (12 point, Times New Roman, double-space for prose).
4) Preferred format for submissions is Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx). Rich Text Files (.rtf) are also acceptable.

5) Attach your document to an email addressed to submissions@meadowlark-books.com. The subject line of the email should read "Kansas Roots Submission"

6) Submissions will be reviewed as they are received. All submissions will receive a reply within 30-45 days letting you know if your piece has been accepted, rejected, or if it is still under consideration. Please do not query for an answer, but if your submission is accepted elsewhere, or you desire to have it withdrawn for any reason, please let us know.