Sunday, November 3, 2019

Because I Love Bookstores: Last Exit Books & Coffee House

I am often surprised that not every bookstore has a coffee house. Books and coffee go well together. It's true that I rarely skip a bookstore; if books and coffee are involved, you had better be prepared for me to sit a while.


My middle kid spent the summer working at the Porthouse Theatre in Kent, Ohio, and we arrived the morning of her last day of work, so we had plenty of time to enjoy the lovely independent bookstore.

The bookstore features lose-yourself shelves of new and used books.
It's my favorite kind of bookstore layout.
Books? Coffee? Books?   Why yes, please. And thank you!

Location: 124 E. Main Street - Kent, Ohio
Would I return? Again, and again, and again. Kent is a sweet little town with a lot of charm. The same can be said for its bookstore.

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