Sunday, September 15, 2019

Because I Love Bookstores: Type Books

On bookstore day of our summer trip to Toronto, our second stop was Type, a store that is as lovely as its name promises. There are three Type bookshops in the city, and we were drawn by the fact of two female proprietors. We only visited one of the stores, but noted another as we were walking by its window.

"Type offers an extensive collection of contemporary fiction and non-fiction , small press titles, art and design, and children’s books."

This shelf tag made me think that perhaps I've been going about my own fiction
efforts in entirely the wrong way...

Website: Type Books
Location: There are three locations in Toronto, 883 Queen St. W., 427 Spadina Rd., 2887 Dundas St.

Would I return? If I lived in Toronto, there is a good chance that Type would become a home-base bookstore for me. It was a lovely shop.

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