Sunday, September 8, 2019

Because I Love Bookstores: The Monkey's Paw, Toronto

I was fortunate to accompany my daughters to Toronto in August, and a day of Independent Bookstore shopping was on the agenda, of course (I raised 'em right!). The good news about the city of Toronto for a book lover is that there are many fine bookstores to choose from. We started our day at the store with the most intriguing name--The Monkey's Paw. The draw?

The Monkey's Paw is home to "the Biblio-Mat, the world's first randomizing vending machine for old books." 

That, and it was the closest by foot to our rental.

This bookstore has a wonderful collection of old books. Not to be categorized as a typical "used" bookstore, of course. This collection is clearly carefully curated. They specialize in "uncommon books and paper artifacts from the age of print." Check out their remote window display on their website for a sampling.

Our group enjoyed our selections from the Biblio-Mat, and I added a gem to my own book collection.

At checkout, I learned that the owner of the bookstore was from--of all places--Kansas! (In truth, he was from Kansas City, Missouri, but when you are in Toronto, that's close enough to call us neighbors.) In fact, the owner was visiting relatives in Kansas City the very weekend that we were visiting Toronto. Perhaps it's not a true small-world story, but I was delighted by the detail.

A few weeks later, in an email exchange with a author-friend from Overland Park, I learned that she, in fact, had known and worked with the owner's father and grandfather at the Kansas City Star. So there we were, the owner of The Monkey's Paw bookstore in Canada and I, fewer than seven degrees apart.

Location: 1067 Blour Street W, Toronto, Canada

Worth a Visit? Absolutely! This one would be top of my list for a return visit if I ever make it again to Toronto.


This is the book that called to me.
I will be sharing!

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