Sunday, September 22, 2019

Because I (also) Love Libraries: Advanced Learning Library, Wichita, KS

Wichita has a new library as of Summer 2018 and the hubby and I took the opportunity to explore a bit on a recent trip to to the city. It's a beautiful building that appears to be built with the idea of making it one heck of a community space and resource, as well. If I lived in Wichita, I would definitely spend a bit of time there. As it, I see a few road trips in my future. There are plenty of spaces for a writer to tuck away and work the craft, including an outdoor terrace on the second floor. The windowed building is two stories high with a computer lab, an audiovisual studio, collaborative and various other meeting spaces, and a copy/fax/print center. It seems to be a gold mine of resources for the person who does not have access to such things at home.

The hubby models at a work cubby.
These chairs provide plenty of space for privacy.
As well, they turn easily and have footstools that
accommodate. I would likely elect for seating
with a table, but I could see this being a
comfortable solution for someone who just wants
some space to read.
This touch screen device is in the history research and archives room. I almost immediately found photos from the Stearman
Aircraft Company, as featured in the Pete Stone novel, To Leave a Shadow

I enjoyed watching books go in through the book return slot to be automatically sorted into bins. It's awesome that they thought to design this building so that the whole return process was transparent.

And I think it's very cool that they have a local coffee company operating in the library instead of a chain. It's great coffee! 

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